Residential Internet Service

Reliable, High-Speed Residential Internet Service

Performance Computing/PC Internet offers homeowners (and home-based businesses) the best residential internet connection available in Humboldt, Pershing, and Lander counties, with no limits, no overages, and unlimited data. Surf the ‘net, watch videos, enjoy social media, and talk all you want with affordable internet solutions from one of Nevada’s leading internet providers. We can install what works best depending on your location.


DSL stands for digital subscriber line. This is high-speed bandwidth is a flexible solution that enables you to get reliable, fast internet and telephone service at the same time, any time (it’s always on), over a single connection.

Fixed wireless

A great solution for more rural areas, this high-speed connection comes to you via microwave, with internet speeds of at least 10Mbps. Connect multiple devices to talk on the phone, watch streaming video, browse the internet, and download or upload files with ease.

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