Service Contract

  • 2 Year Service Agreement $49.99 
  • 1 Year Service Agreement $100.00
  • No Contract (Agree to terms of service) $150.00

Your service agreement begins on your Installation date of _________ and ends on _________. Please be aware that by signing this agreement you are acknowledging a cancellation fee of up to $200 if you decide to terminate your service early. 30 days notice is required before cancelling services.

The Radio that Performance Computing/PC Internet has installed on the outside of your home or business along with the Power Adapter (PoE) is the property of Performance Computing/PC Internet. If our equipment is damaged while in your care, by any means other than natural causes, you may be charged for replacing damaged equipment. Upon termination of your Wireless Service with Performance Computing/PC Internet, all equipment that was provided must be returned to Performance Computing/PC Internet to avoid being charged for their replacement.

Please try the following procedures in this order if you are experiencing Internet problems. If you have done these steps and cannot access the Internet please contact us for technical support:

  1. If you have a Router, unplug the Router and wait about 15 seconds then plug it back in. Once you have plug the router back in it will take approximately 1 min for the router to fully reboot.
  2. Unplug the Black adapter with the small green light on it (this is plugged into to a power source such as a wall plug or maybe your power strip), wait about 15 seconds then plug it back in. This is the power source that powers up the radio outside and it will take approximately 1 minute for the radio to reboot.
  3. Reference back to number one (1) by unplugging the Router and wait about 15 seconds and plug back in.
  4. Restart your computer.

If you have tried these solutions and still have no Internet, please contact us so we can better diagnose the problem. These four steps are the most common fixes for a service interruption.


The installation fee is for equipment SET UP only. The Radio and Power Adapter that has been installed at your home or business by Performance Computing/PC Internet is, and remains the property of, Performance Computing/PC Internet.

If you move, please contact us so that we can schedule an appointment to move your equipment to the new location. A $75 service fee will be charged for the move. A subscription to the “wE Care Complete” service plan covers the costs associated with moving your equipment. For more information about wE Care Complete, please ask a Performance Computing/PC Internet representative. If you move and will no longer be in our coverage area, you will be released from your contractual obligation for continued service. It is still your liability and responsibility to return our equipment. If you cancel your service with Performance Computing/PC Internet, we will need to schedule a time to retrieve our equipment installed at your location (Radio and Power Adapter). A 30 day notice before cancelling service is required.

There will be a $200 minimum charge for equipment not returned, or returned in non-working condition. Depending on what type of equipment was installed the charge may be as high as $4000.00 (Four Thousand Dollars). This includes equipment returned or collected in non-working condition.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Refund Policy

Contact us for refunds: call 775-625-1552 or email [email protected]

Thank You! The Performance Computing/PC Internet Staff